How to Apply for a Canadian Passport

I get asked all the time for “how-to” tips from clients. So for the next few weeks, I’m going to post some great how-to’s. If there’s anything YOU are wondering how to, send us an email and maybe you’ll see it on the blog!

First up, this week we’re going to talk about how to renew your passport.

 How to Apply for a Canadian Passport

You need a passport to leave Canada, and you don’t want to miss an opportunity to travel because you had to wait for your passport application to go through. We’ve put together some simple steps to apply for your Canadian passport.

Before you start you will need:
– 3 page application form downloaded from
– 2 identical passport photos
– Signature of guarantor- signature on application, on proof of ID, and on photo
– 2 References who have known you for 2 or more years
– Original proof of citizenship such as a birth certificate
– Photocopy (front and back) or original document to support identity such as a driver’s license or health care card
– Any Canadian passport or travel document issued to you within the past 5 years
– $87 fee-cash, debit, credit card, certified cheque, money order for Canadians submitting an application
– $97 fee-cash, debit, credit card, certified cheque, money order for Canadians sumitting an application from the USA

  1. Get new passport photos taken.  It must be taken by a commercial photographer and printed on high quality photo paper.  Try a pharmacy or discount department store’s photo lab or photo studio.  They can often give you copies immediately without the cost of going to a 1 Hour passport photo store.  You will need two copies of this picture. The address and date the picture was taken should be written on the back of one of the photos.
  2. Write the declaration, “I certify this to be a true likeness of (your name)” on the back of one of the photos.  Often the photo lab will stamp the declaration on the back for you.
  3. Print out the forms at You may qualify for the simplified form.  (Look under forms on the website)  You can fill out the electronic version and it will let you know if you miss something.
  4. Fill out the forms.
  5. Select someone to be your guarantor.  The rules have changed for this, as previously you had to get a doctor, minister, lawyer or similar professional to sign the back.  Now it is anyone who has known you for 2 or more years.
  6. Have them sign and date the declaration on the back of one photo, fill out part 2 on the form, and sign your proof of identity photocopies.  Make sure you check that it has been done correctly or you will need to redo everything.
  7. Photocopy BOTH SIDES proof of ID and have guarantor sign copies. You can alternatively send in the original.
  8. Get the money you will need ($87).  See accepted methods of payment depending on mail in or in person.
  9. Mail form or visit Canada Post location, Passport Canada office, or Service Canada office.  Visiting a passport office is the quickest way to apply for a Canadian Passport.

* You may also obtain any forms needed in person at any Passport Canada office, Canada Post outlet or Service Canada Centre.

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