Announcing the 2014 Organize Anything Top 10 List!

Organize Anything Top 10 List
Our favourite Organizing Products

The Organize Anything Top 10 List is an annual celebration of products we love – whether you want to eliminate clutter in your home, streamline your business life or take stress-free vacations. The annual Organize Anything Top 10 List is published each January. A comprehensive collection of products for anyone who lives life at full speed, the Top 10 List includes items for your home, office and leisure.

Organize Anything, a full service Professional Organizing agency in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada.

The items on our list come to us in many different ways. We get recommendations from clients, store managers, businesses, product reps, colleagues and our own experiences. We love trying new things to find out how they can improve the lives of our clients – and we’re so lucky that companies get us to try new products and give our feedback. Helping companies perfect products that help our clients is one of our favourite things to do.

We put together this list to share so that everyone can learn about the gadgets and ideas we use and love so they can be inspired to find new ways to de-clutter and de-stress their own lives.

“Taking our cue from our clients and partners, we’ve put together a list that has something for everyone” says Colette Robicheau, Organizing Consultant, Life Coach and President of Organize Anything.


Whether you want to plan the ideal indoor urban garden, or are looking for a funky small space organization solution, Urbio is it. The system uses a grid of wall mounted steel plates and super strong magnets to hold your vision together – storage solutions for a home office, a hanging garden for the living room or fun (and functional) decorations for the kid’s rooms. This cool-looking product will go as far as your imagination.

Available online or in stores in EQ3 stores.

Livescribe 3 Smart Pen

We love the Livescribe Smart Pen! This super-useful tool lets you take notes on specialty paper that appear instantly on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch via Bluetooth. With the latest model you can sync the pen to the microphone of your smartphone/tablet so it transcribes as you record. It’s easy to share your notes as PDFs via Mail, Messages, Evernote and Dropbox. Perfect for students, busy professionals or anyone looking to reduce the clutter of notebooks and paper in their life. Available at Future Shop, Best Buy and online.

Dyson DC57 Hard Vacuum Cleaner

This is the Dyson to die for. There are many reasons to love the whole Dyson line of vacuum cleaners but we’ve fallen hard for their DC57 Hard Vacuum. This machine uses a wet wipe and suction at the same time to combine moping and vacuuming your hard floors. Got to love eliminating a step in your weekly chores! It’s light enough to handle cleaning high spaces and can be used with one hand! The detachable hose means you can still use it to clean upholstery without worrying about getting the carpet wet. And of course, that patented Dyson technology means it doesn’t lose suction.

Available wherever home appliances are sold.

Guard Your ID Stamp – Roller Mini

Safety first. We are a big fan of this tiny product! It fits perfectly in a desk drawer, purse or medicine cabinet. It’s small and flexible enough that it blacks out the label easily on a pill bottle, but can be used for envelopes and other projects as well. Unlike some other privacy stamps, this roller is not see-through – effectively blocking out your information in one quick swipe. A perfect pick to keep identity theft at bay.

Available online at and Sears

Joseph Joseph Nesting Bowls

Think small. Nesting bowls are great for those who love to cook, but have small kitchens without a lot of storage. If you don’t want to have to keep your mixing bowls and measuring cups in the hall closet, we recommend these fun, bright and stackable bowls and measuring cups. They snap together, have no-slip bases and the set includes a colander. They’re a downsizer’s delight and make cleanup and storage a snap.

Available at Sears and various home goods stores.

One Sole

This is perfect for the fashion conscious, but baggage weary traveler. OneSole is an interchangeable shoe product. You buy the soles of the shoe, and can then customize with easy to change tops so you can change your look without changing your shoes. Soles come in a variety of styles and a large selection of tops. We love the variety of looks, and the limited space they take up in our closet and suitcase when we’re traveling.

Available online at

Gear Lending Program at Westin Hotels

Packing workout gear when heading on a quick business trip isn’t always top-of-mind. Cramming gym sneakers in beside your business suit is never fun. The Westin Hotel Chain has teamed up with New Balance to offer sneakers, socks, shorts and tops to guests for a rental fee in all of their hotels. You can reserve your gear in advance or inquire when you arrive for your stay. All equipment is freshly laundered and sneakers come with disposable insoles so you’re not sharing sweat with the last person who used them.

For more information visit

All Access Organizers

The Rubbermaid All Access Organizer has a feature that we think rocks – a clear drop-down door at the front of the storage unit so you can easily grab items without un-stacking the boxes and rifling through their contents. These stackable units work everywhere closet, garage, basement, dorm room for Try these and you’ll see the countless organizing possibilities.

Available at Walmart, Home Depot and Canadian Tire

Sticks Multi-Hook by David Quan

Sticks Multi-Hook is a unique and fun coat rack that will surprise your guests. We love functional art and this piece makes a statement and holds all your scarves and coats! Take a closer look to see it features five flip-down ‘sticks’ that work double duty as hefty wall hooks. Hooks flip back creating a decorative wall item when not in use.

Available online at or at fine home good stores

Lay-n-Go Men’s Traveller

We’re big fans of this product line – especially their Men’s Traveller bag. It fits all of the toiletries you need on the go, has a waterproof secure pocket on the inside and you can toss it in your bag knowing all your items are secure. It’s easy to use too – just lay it flat on the counter, put whatever you need to take in side, and then pull the drawstring (that has its own handy storage pouch on the outside!). 

Available at Target, Walmart, Toys R Us


If you love the products on this year’s OA List as much as we do, share this list and show these companies some love. We’ll be sharing more information on our various social media platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and YouTube in the coming weeks. Do you have a product that you swear by? Send it to us to try and maybe it’ll make next year’s list!


About Organize Anything

Colette is a Gold Leaf member of the Professional Organizers in Canada (POC). Through the Canadian Redesign Association (CRDA) she has received the designation of Certified Interior Redesigner. She is also a member of the U.S. professional organizing associations National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) where she has the Golden Circle distinction and is a member of Intsitute of Challenging Disorganization (ICD) where she is the first in Canada to receive her Certified Professional Organizer –CD (Chronic Disorganization) ®, ADD and CD specialist Certificates. Among her many distinctions she has also earned Level I certificates of study in Chronic disorganization (CD), Basic Mental Health Conditions, Learning Styles and Modalities, Basic ADD Issues, Physical Conditions, Client Administration and Understanding the Needs of Elderly.

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