Find Fiscal Success with Financial Organization

Find Fiscal Success with Financial Organization

The holidays are over and a new year has started. Traditionally a time for reflection and goal setting, it’s also a time to take control of your personal and business finances.  On the home front the holiday bills will be coming fast and furious. And at the office it’s a good time take the chill out of that first quarter by creating habits to warm the hearts of bosses and accountants alike.

The experts at Organize Anything have put together a great list of 10 tips to help you on your way to an organized and productive 2015. Have questions or got stuck? You can always contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

1. Set up a receipts system. Great for tracking household and business expenses. It’s a perfect way to keep your receipts all in one place so you can easily reconcile at end of month, and at tax time It can be as simple as 12 marked envelopes – 1 for each month. This will help you truly grasp your monthly spending.

2. Gift cards- don’t tuck away in the drawer and forget about them. No longer allowed to expire in Canada, gift cards are an ideal way to tide you over in the slower quarter of the fiscal year. From groceries to clothes to office supplies, don’t discount the usefulness of a great gift card.

3. Update your monthly budget. Take a hard look at last quarter’s spending and adjust your monthly spending. This is the perfect time to set new financial goals for your business and home as well.

4. Get ‘appy’. There’s so many neat productivity and finance driven apps out there for Androids and Apple products. Think about the things you could be doing on the fly if you had the tech, and search out apps that will help. We love Freshbooks for on-the-go invoicing!

5. Get a heads start on, your income taxes. Why wait?? Get the jump on your taxes in the slower months of January and February. This way you avoid the panic of the last minute crunch. And if you’re getting money back, the sooner the better!

6. Business plan. Do you have a strategic plan for your business? Do you know where you’d like to be in five years? 10 years? Take this time of renewed productivity and focus to lay out some goals for the next five years. Don’t forget to include steps to achieve these goals and markers on how you’ll you know when you’ve been successful. You can do this for your home and family as well – make goals as a group and find ways to achieve them.

7. Return it. Did you get “stuff” for Christmas? Return it if you don’t like it – there’s no sense in keeping a gift that’s just going to take up space in your home and clutter your life. Use the money you get from the return to “pay it forward” – either donate it to a charity of your choice, or tuck it away in the rainy day fund.

8. Take inventory. Stop buying unnecessary office supplies or things for your home. Do a quick inventory of what you actually have in the office and keep an inventory sheet so you know what you’re about to run out. This cuts down on unnecessary spending and keeps your storage space tidy and easy to manage.

9. Keep your bank account healthy with quick returns of medical receipts. Does your employer provide health care? Review your policy and figure out what treatments are included. Be sure to keep your direct billing receipts and don’t forget to claim your expenses on your income tax! That monthly massage isn’t just relaxing, it can help on your tax return as well.

10. Download Quicken (or some other money management program). Quicken will make your financial life a million times easier to manage. It costs around $50, but its well worth the investment. From Quicken you can pay bills, download transactions from banks and credit card accounts, plan, budget and see what you are spending and what your overall financial picture looks like.

If you haven’t been doing these things regularly, don’t worry about it – NOW is the perfect time to start. Lean into new challenges this year and adopt routines that make sense to you. By taking the time to identify areas of your life that are not as productive as they could be, you will be able to find solutions.


About Organize Anything

Colette is a Gold Leaf member of the Professional Organizers in Canada (POC). Through the Canadian Redesign Association (CRDA) she has received the designation of Certified Interior Redesigner. She is also a member of the U.S. professional organizing associations National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) where she has the Golden Circle distinction and is a member of Intsitute of Challenging Disorganization (ICD) where she is the first in Canada to receive her Certified Professional Organizer –CD (Chronic Disorganization) ®, ADD and CD specialist Certificates. Among her many distinctions she has also earned Level I certificates of study in Chronic disorganization (CD), Basic Mental Health Conditions, Learning Styles and Modalities, Basic ADD Issues, Physical Conditions, Client Administration and Understanding the Needs of Elderly.

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  1. Organization is SO important! Thanks for sharing these tips!

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